Hey, wonderful readers! So, while I typically would be sharing my latest running ventures, this past week had a different plan for me. That darn strep throat evolved into a full-blown flu-like ordeal, forcing me into a week-long hiatus from my usual routine. Balancing work while under the weather? Let’s just say, trying to educate young minds without full vigor (and a missing voice!) isn’t ideal. However, this week has been a testament to the fact that while we can’t always dodge illness, we can certainly find ways to bounce back. I might’ve missed out on some training, but I’m more determined than ever – this week, I’m ready to conquer every run and workout!


When life throws curveballs, what’s an athlete to do?

  1. Email Catch-Up: I may not be inundated with emails, but boy, do they pile up. I’m striving to revert to my “respond immediately” protocol. The “I’ll reply later” strategy? A flop, considering ‘later’ translates to a fortnight or so. Oops.
  2. Marathon Reconnaissance: My downtime meant more hours on Instagram, especially following fellow marathoners. Once upon a time, the idea of qualifying for the Boston Marathon was a distant dream, but now? I’m inspired, especially by runners like @fueledbyfrosting. If you’re not following her yet, time for a click!

My record currently reads: 4:19, 3:53, and 4:00. Ambitious as it sounds, I’m gunning for a sub-3:35. Perhaps not in Phoenix, but I feel it looming in my future.

  1. Blog Endeavors (and Mishaps!): In my attempt to refresh the blog, I hit a few snags. Enter: PB Jenny, my blog’s savior.

  1. Gourmet Adventures: My culinary feat? Broccoli and cauliflower soup. While it’s not topping my favorites, it was a worthwhile try.

  1. Organizing Ahead: I’ve been sketching out a 2015 planner/training journal. Stay tuned for a deep dive in an upcoming post.

  1. Gingerbread Galore: I finally cracked open a gingerbread mix I’ve had stashed away. A bit of tweaking with flax egg and Earth Balance, and voilà – delectable gingerbread men sans the conventional egg route.

  1. Quality Time: And then there were leisurely moments with this adorable fellow:

That sums up my whirlwind of a week. Here’s to a week filled with consistent work, unyielding workouts, and nourishment from our beloved plant-based sources.

Wishing everyone an energetic Monday! 🌱🏃‍♀️💚

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