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The Athletarian

A magazine for the vegetarian athletes

The Athletarian
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Budget-Friendly Vegetarian Soups

Trying to eat a healthy vegetarian diet can be difficult if you don't know what kinds of foods are okay to eat and which ones aren't. A quick Internet search will lead you to dozens of websites that offer recipes for vegetarian dishes. While some of the meals are free,

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Substituting Grain Foods For Low Carbohydrate Diets

It's not surprising that grain products are often shunned when it comes to the low carb diet; especially breads and grains, which are high in refined sugars. But what about grain-less breads? There are several low carb substitutes for breads which can still provide the nourishment of whole grains while

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Recipe For Healthy Chocolate Cake With No Sugar and Flour

Recipe for healthy chocolate cake with no flour and sugar. This healthy chocolate cake really has a good taste, a nice texture and it's a good alternative to ordinary chocolate cake. The recipe makes use of eggs, butter and whole milk which all adds up to make a very healthy

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Solarium Tanning Beds - A Boon In Disguise!

Solarium is a very popular product for tanning, also known as "solar" tanning. This type of tanning has been approved by the FDA. This is a great way to get a tan without the dangers of indoor tanning beds. However, there are some risks to this tanning product. The solarium

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Healthy Snacks in Kerala

Snacks are a very important part of a healthy diet. They provide fuel to keep us energized for the day ahead. Snacks should be chosen carefully so they don't become the source of temptation. Most people get through the day with little or no snacks, but for those that overeat

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Meal Preparing

Meal prepping is really pretty easy. Just pick out recipes you like, prepare them quickly, and throw them in the fridge. Viola! Within the last two years, I compiled a huge list of quick and easy low-calorie meal prep recipes which I am certain have helped thousands of people lose

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Burn Fat With Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics is one of the most comfortable and effective forms of exercise one can embark on. You do not need to do anything but simply move around, stretch, breathe and sweat. It is also very low-impact as you do not have to bend over and pick up anything. Unlike

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Health Benefits of Cross Fit For People of All Ages

Cross Fit, also known as the Power Lift System has been adopted by thousands of athletes and is becoming increasingly more popular as a way of keeping fit and healthy. In this regard, it is great news for overweight people who have tried every other piece of fitness equipment with

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Cardiovascular Exercise For Cool Summer Weather

Whether you want to get fit, learn a new skill or just get out and enjoy the weather, there are many classes you can take to stay healthy. With the summer season quickly approaching many local gyms are already booked solid. If you have been trying to squeeze in a

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Cardio Workouts - Cardio Exercise For Your Health

If you are interested in losing weight and improving your health, cardio training might be the ideal solution. Cardio is an important part of a comprehensive workout routine, and it will help you strengthen your heart, increase your endurance, and improve your overall fitness. Aerobic activity, also called exercise, uses

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How Cucumbers Can Help You Lose Weight

Cucumber. If there is a pick me up in your step today, cucumber is a great choice for a healthy raw food snack. This sour tasting fruit is known as a fruit aid, which can provide benefits like boosting circulation and improving digestion, and it can also stimulate the immune


Why You Should Eat Healthy Egg

Eggs are one of the most delicious foods available and unfortunately for many people, they are also one of the most difficult to digest. Eggs are filled with proteins which make them very nutritious but the proteins in the egg need to be broken down into small fragments before the