Hello to all the marathon enthusiasts out there! I hope your weekend was filled with relaxation and for our American friends, a joyful holiday. My weekend was a blend of errands, meal prepping for my plant-based diet, scouting condos, bingeing on Brooklyn Nine-Nine (any fans here?), and a sprinkling of runs. So, all in all, a balanced mix!

Three weeks deep into my marathon training (a huge shoutout to Phaedra for the plan!), and the path has been more challenging than expected. My indoor runs are confined to the treadmill, not my favorite, and my outdoor pace has slowed more than anticipated. It’s not easy adjusting from a 7:00-7:30 minute/mile tempo run pace to something closer to 8:00. But, it’s essential to remember the impact of external factors on our performance. For instance, the heavy winds during my recent runs have significantly influenced my pace.

I recently stumbled upon an article that emphasized this point, particularly:

“Your performance on a windy day will differ from a serene sunny day. Similarly, a post-work run will feel distinct from an energized morning run. And that’s completely fine. It’s all about making the most of what each day brings you.”

Such insights remind us to focus on the journey rather than the numbers. Speed workouts, especially tempos, are my go-to. Their structure allows me to center my attention, making them feel faster than long steady-paced runs.

For those unfamiliar, here’s a quick breakdown: Tempo Runs: Begin with a warm-up -> run at or above the anaerobic threshold (often termed as “red line” or at a comfortably hard pace) for a set distance -> end with a cool-down.

Why are tempos crucial? They elevate your lactate threshold, which means you can maintain faster paces with reduced fatigue. This training was the cornerstone of my personal best at the Scotia Half Marathon.

Here’s a snapshot of last week’s regimen:

  • Monday: Day off
  • Tuesday: 7 miles, Avg. pace: 8:01
  • Wednesday: Strength training
  • Thursday: Day off
  • Friday: 3.1 miles, Avg. pace: 9:07 + Strength training
  • Saturday: 6.2 miles, Avg. pace: 8:32
  • Sunday: 15-mile group run

Speaking of Sunday, I had the pleasure of running with a group, a delightful change from my solo runs. Celebrating my friend Heather’s birthday, we covered a collective 13 miles. My solo start added some extra distance for me. The camaraderie made time fly, and the cherry on top? The weather was warm enough for shorts! Though I lost track of the exact pace due to a watch mishap, I estimate it was in the 8:45-8:55 range.

With just a month left in 2014 (can you believe it?), my goal is to stay committed, log quality miles, and remain upbeat, irrespective of the unpredictable weather.

I’d love to hear about your goals for the month. Let’s share and motivate each other! 🌱🏃‍♂️🌿

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