Ever had one of those moments where a year has zipped past, and you’re left wondering where the time went? That was me, looking back at 2014. Admittedly, I didn’t hit every target, particularly a few non-running objectives. But isn’t every new year a fresh slate, brimming with promise? The previous year was particularly fulfilling in terms of running, as I delved into in my recent Marathon Monday post. The experience gave me profound insights into my potential, fueling my ambitions for the forthcoming year. Over the weekend, I channeled my planning spirit (thank you, trusty personal planner!) and jotted down what I’m eager to conquer in 2015.

2015 Goals on the Horizon:

  1. Boston Qualifying Time (BQ): A daring declaration, but here it is. My aim is to clock in a time below 3:35, though realistically, something closer to 3:30 is my ticket to Boston. The competition is fierce, with recent years showing a trend of runners surpassing their qualifying times significantly. To move from my personal best of 3:53 requires shaving off a hefty 23 minutes. Daunting? Perhaps. Doable? Absolutely.
  2. Aim for a sub-1:40 Half Marathon: It’s tempting to aim for a personal record across the board, but the half marathon (alongside the BQ) will be my playground this year. Having come tantalizingly close last October, I believe that a mix of speed training and a dose of self-belief will see me cross that finish line in the high 1:30s. I’ll happily take a 1:39:59!
  3. Clock 1500 Miles: Last year, I ran a commendable 1309 miles, averaging 109 miles monthly. To achieve my new target, it means nudging that average to 125 miles every month. It’s a challenge I’m ready to embrace.
  4. Tread New Terrains with a Trail Race: Embracing novel experiences is my mantra this year, and I’m setting my sights on trail running/racing as a fresh venture.
  5. Support Fellow Athletes: There’s an unparalleled thrill in cheering on fellow runners. I can attest to the motivation derived from friends cheering along the course. Whether it’s pacing, crewing, or being the loudest cheerleader, I want to be there, celebrating each finish line crossed.
  6. Prioritize Wellbeing and Injury Prevention: Last year taught me the significance of a holistic fitness regimen. Strength training, yoga, cross-training, physiotherapy, chiropractic care – they all matter. I aim to be more diligent, ensuring my body remains in prime condition.

There we have it! None of these goals seem insurmountable, and I’m brimming with anticipation to transcend my boundaries this year. So, fellow athletes and readers, are you geared up for this journey with me?

As for non-running ambitions, they’re brewing. It’s a contemplative process, so stay tuned.

Here’s to a week of relentless spirit and plant-powered energy! Happy Monday! 🌿🏃‍♀️💪

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