Ah, the much-awaited marathon taper period. It’s here, and my athletic, plant-based heart couldn’t be more grateful.

Journey to the Marathon Finish Line

Here’s a brief overview of my training from the past week:

  • Monday: A relaxed 3.1 miles to kick off the week.
  • Tuesday: An intense 8 miles with this speed workout.
  • Wednesday: Rest day – because recovery is as essential as the workout.
  • Thursday: Another day off.
  • Friday: Challenged myself with 6 miles of these mile repeats.
  • Saturday: Easy breezy 4 miles.
  • Sunday: Intended rest day.

Originally, I had planned for my long run on Sunday after a delightful baby shower, but let’s just say plans changed. Between fatigue and a sugar overload, I postponed the run for Monday night. Not ideal, but dedication sometimes means hopping on a treadmill post-work for what feels like an eternity.

It was tough, but now it’s behind me. Awaiting me are a 14-mile run this weekend, followed by a 10-mile the next. Easy, right? (Humor me and nod!)

The countdown begins. Time to scale back the mileage, bond with my foam roller, finalize race day attire, sort out my travel plans, and most importantly – deep breath – remain calm.

A Plant-Based Feast

Did anyone else celebrate National Pizza Day? While every day feels like pizza day in my world, I commemorated the occasion with a Daiya Margherita pizza. Verdict? Delicious, though I’m partial to the classic cheese variant.

Quite an accurate representation of my feelings towards pizza.

On a Lighter Note

A quick non-running related query: Is anyone else engrossed in this season of The Bachelor? Last night’s episode took ‘drama’ to another level. I can’t fathom why I find it so captivating, but once you start, the allure is irresistible. Eagerly awaiting next week’s double dose of episodes. Any favorites so far?

Cheers to embracing every step (literal and figurative) of our journey! Wishing everyone a triumphant Tuesday! 🌱🏃‍♂️🍕

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