LAX and another blog award!

Yesterday marked my foray into the captivating world of lacrosse. Verdict? I might just be on my way to league-level expertise. By the way, did you know that LAX stands for lacrosse? I had my “aha” moment courtesy of Katy’s text (and yes, Katy, I finally pieced it together – LA + X for “cross” = lacrosse). You live, you learn!

On my lacrosse journey, I’ve picked up a neat trick. Granted, it might cater more to the ‘vertically challenged,’ but hey, we all start somewhere!

Switching gears, a massive shoutout to Nini from A Fine Balance for my second blog award! If you haven’t come across her journey towards her first figure competition, now’s the time. Truly awe-inspiring!

In light of this award, here are seven non-food or running related tidbits about yours truly:

  1. Theme Party Enthusiast: Whether it’s Halloween or not, I adore themed parties – especially when there’s a prize on the line. Go big or go home!
  2. Beachy Dreams: My escapade to Hawaii last summer, involving some not-so-successful surfing and paddleboarding attempts, only fueled my dreams of beachside living, year-round tans, and a Billabong wardrobe.
  3. Mexican Delights: How wonderful would it be to embrace Mexican heritage? Endless burritos, nachos, and yes, the occasional sombrero.
  4. Quirky Food Finds: There’s something immensely satisfying about discovering oddly shaped confectioneries. Broken chips? My jam.
  5. Like Mother, Like Daughter: My mom and I share a mutual weirdness and sweet tooth. However, her fondness for black licorice? Still a mystery to me. (Sorry mom, hoping the readers can vouch for your coolness here!)
  6. Calf Contest: My boyfriend boasts what I’d call ‘prize-winning calves.’ Challenge extended – find a better pair and let the competition begin.
  7. NYC Affair: The allure of New York City is simple: eat, shop, repeat!

Passing the baton to these incredible bloggers:

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  • One Chic Chickpea
  • Running for Trevor
  • Amazing Asset
  • …and so it goes
  • Faster Bunny
  • The Worth of My Sole

For the nominated: Share your thanks, dish out seven random facts about yourself, and pass this award to seven other deserving bloggers!

Parting Queries:

  • Ever dabbled in lacrosse (LAX)? My initial experience? Thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Surfing enthusiasts? If you’re a pro, expect a roommate application from me! My debut was nothing short of an adrenaline rush.

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