Greetings, fellow readers of! Yesterday brought an unexpected temptation from a fitness enthusiast friend of mine. It seems there’s a silent wager amongst my circle to see who can make me deviate from my plant-based regimen first. And, well, it didn’t take long.

Behold the charming card and enticing package I received:

For those who couldn’t decipher the teasing note, the surprise inside was CHOCOLATE. Not just any chocolate, but exquisite buddha-shaped ones! As delightful as they appeared, my willpower wavered, and I (unapologetically) enjoyed these delightful treats. I did make sure to share the joy with Dean and mom, though.

An adorable chocolate Buddha army! 🙂

The mastermind behind this friendly ‘sabotage’? None other than my incredibly talented friend, Katy. Not only is she a radiant personality, but she’s also a pro in yoga, spinning, bootcamp, and sculpt classes. I often find myself admiring her zest for life.

I’ve been encouraging Katy to venture into the blogging realm. With her vast knowledge, I believe she’d make a significant impact. Plus, selfishly, I’d love for her to be one of my loyal blog followers. If you’re enjoying my posts, do consider following my blog. It would genuinely brighten my day.

Today, despite fierce winds attempting to deter me, I opted for an outdoor run, covering a satisfying 5.5 miles. My trusty Garmin and I rekindled our bond, bidding adieu to the treadmill for the day.

Me, in full running glory. Kindly, no judgments.

Post-run, I indulged in a fruity feast that included not one, but two luscious mangoes. On days like this, fruits dominate my diet, providing the perfect energy boost for the spin class I took right after.

Refreshing and delicious!

I hope your Friday is as exhilarating as mine. Tonight’s agenda? A delightful double date dinner with Dean and a couple of cherished pals.

Your turn to share:

  • What’s your all-time favorite fruit? Mine? A tie between bananas, apples, and mangoes.
  • Any special plans for your Friday? For me, it’s all about great company and tantalizing food. Cheers to the weekend!

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