Breakfast and Cardio Party-o

Hello, Athletarians!

It’s been a short hiatus of four days since my last post. With school out, I find myself with ample time, yet oddly, I’ve been taking a while to adjust to this relaxed rhythm. Fear not, I’m gearing up to get back to consistent blogging. Brace yourselves for a visual treat today!

I started today on a delightful note. Despite being a staunch oatmeal enthusiast, this morning my palate yearned for Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. After a brisk walk to the store (a subtle attempt to offset that sugary goodness), I indulged in my craving before heading to the gym. Ah, the joys of occasional diversions!

Speaking of breakfast, let me dive a bit into my cereal saga. My usual go-to is oatmeal, given my preference for whole foods. But after seeing a tempting ad for chocolate Cheerios and Katy (from Fit in Heels – you must check her out) vouching for its yumminess, I couldn’t resist any longer.

Now, while they’re processed, these Cheerios still boast of being “whole grain.” So even if sugar is high up on the ingredient list, it’s all about striking the right balance, right?

Gym time was an absolute blast. As I danced my way through various cardio machines, Dean, with no exams to supervise for the day, was deep into his weightlifting regime, making me slightly envious of his sculpted arms.

My workout consisted of:

  • 20-minute treadmill run
  • 20 minutes of skipping, toe touches, and lateral hops
  • 20 minutes on the stairmill
  • And yes, another 20-minute treadmill run!
Gym photos collage

By the end, I was a sweaty mess but managed to squeeze in my daily dose of pushups. Speaking of transformations, Dean’s been thriving on a plant-based diet for a month now. I’m hoping to rope him in for a guest post soon, diving into his experiences and perhaps a sneak peek into his fitness journey. Stay tuned!

Missed connecting with this community! I’ll be doing my blog rounds tonight, so expect to see my comments popping up!

Fro-Yo Lovers, Unite!

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Cheerios: A treat or a pass? My vote: Absolute treat!

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