It’s your lucky day (GIVEAWAY!)…

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been honored with the Versatile Blogger Award, thanks to Alyssa! Heartfelt gratitude, Alyssa! It’s so rewarding to see my content resonate with readers like you. Now, as tradition dictates, I’m sharing seven tidbits from my day. Let’s delve into my plant-powered athlete life:

  1. Breakfast Bliss: I kickstarted my day with luscious oats topped with banana slices, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a hint of stevia, and the nutritional powerhouse – hemp seeds.
  2. Workout Warrior: Stephanie’s challenging leg workout pushed my limits at the gym. Admittedly, I had to tone it down a notch (I mean, 5 SETS? She’s superhuman!). A massive shoutout to her blog for all those valuable fitness insights and recipes.
  3. Cardio Commitment: Despite the leg fatigue, I powered through 45 minutes of cardio, divided between jump rope and the elliptical.
  4. Post-Workout Fuel: Refueled with a scrumptious TLT (tempeh, lettuce, tomato) sandwich, complemented by a tangy tomato + red pepper soup. Plant-based yumminess!
  5. Photography Fun: Utilized the brilliant tripod gifted by Dean for some self-photography. Such tools make capturing memories so much easier!
  6. Why the Selfies? Before you wonder, the reason for the photoshoot is to showcase some fabulous athletic wear I received from Tommie Copper. Oh, and speaking of which… GIVEAWAY ALERT!
  7. Gratitude Galore: Every day, I’m reminded of how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful blogging community. You’re the real MVPs!

Let’s dive deeper into Tommie Copper – a brand that’s revolutionizing compression wear with a copper twist! Unlike many conventional compression garments that can feel overly tight, Tommie Copper offers light compression crafted with patented copper-infused yarn. But why copper? Extracts from their site reveal that copper enhances the immune system, promotes healing, and combats free-radicals. Coupled with the advantages of compression, it elevates the overall efficacy of their products.

Jordan from Tommie Copper generously let me choose an item for review. The compression shirt immediately caught my eye due to its supportive design for the back and shoulders. Given the stiffness I sometimes experience post-workout, this shirt seemed like the ideal solution. Not only is it feather-light and breathable, but it also boasts a chic design I wouldn’t hesitate to flaunt!

Additionally, I opted to test their knee sleeves. Having dealt with PFS last year, I was on the lookout for support to alleviate post-exercise discomfort. Their sizing and fit, distinct from traditional tight compression, emphasize the copper’s therapeutic benefits, allowing all-day wear without discomfort.

Giveaway Time! Fancy trying Tommie Copper for yourself? Here’s your golden opportunity, thanks to Jordan! To enter, ensure each action has its own comment:

  • Hit ‘LIKE’ on Tommie Copper’s Facebook page.
  • Follow Tommie Copper on Twitter.
  • Browse the Tommie Copper website and share which sleeves resonate with your athletic needs.
  • Spread the word! Tweet, Facebook, or blog about this giveaway.

Bonus Entry: Connect with me! Follow this blog or give a thumbs up on my Facebook page.

Mark your calendars: Contest wraps up on Monday, October 3rd. Dive in and good luck! 🌱🏅🎉

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