I’ll admit, I’m not always about the aesthetics when I’m out for a run or workout. Most times, I’m that athlete in striking, mismatched colors, and that’s just my vibe. However, yesterday felt special. I had received an overwhelming show of support for my fundraiser (endless gratitude to the generous souls out there), averted a potential workout injury, and had a little unboxing session with some delightful parcels.

Inspired by all the positivity, I laced up for a sun-soaked afternoon run, and oh, did I choose my gear with flair!

Proudly donning the Tempo shorts from my NYC trip, pairing them with my latest Chickband, and finishing the look with New Balance sunglasses I won from Vanessa’s giveaway, I felt invincible. Every superhero needs her glasses, right? These fit perfectly and their white and pink combo? An absolute win.

But now, onto something that might just revolutionize your running experience: meet the Gel-bot.

I stumbled upon this ingenious bottle on the Hydrapak website and reached out to Scott from Outside PR. He graciously sent one over for me to try out. And honestly? It’s a game-changer. The bottle is designed to merge gel and water, eliminating the hassle of opening gel packets mid-run or dealing with sticky hands. It’s the future of on-the-go nutrition and hydration, streamlined into one bottle.

My experience? This bottle proved invaluable during my Urbanathlon training. It can hold approximately two gels in its inner compartment. A little tip: opt for the more fluid gels, or if you have a thicker gel, dilute it slightly with water for smoother consumption.

Now, here’s an exciting bit for my readers: Want to Own a Gel-bot?

Thanks to Scott’s generosity, one lucky reader stands a chance to get their hands on a Gel-bot!

To participate:

  1. Give a thumbs-up to my Facebook page.
  2. Show some love to the Hydrapak Facebook page.
  3. Spread the word about this giveaway!

Just remember to leave a comment for each action you take. Good luck and happy running! 🌱🏃‍♀️🌿

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