Hey, vibrant community! Apologies for the slight delay since my last update. Aside from a rejuvenating morning spin class, my Sunday was largely about home chores – yes, laundry and cleaning included. On a lighter note, I’ve curated a refreshing playlist that perfectly sets the mood for a productive spin workout, so stay tuned for that!

Quick side note: I taught Dean the art of taking screenshots, and let’s just say, he’s a quick learner. The things this blog has done for us! 😄

Diving into today’s topic, I’ve been reflecting on the balance between our ‘Wants’ and ‘Needs’, especially living as a plant-based athlete. Let’s dig in with some examples that most of us can relate to.

WANT: Stylish Watches

Confession: I have a tiny (okay, not so tiny) weakness for designer watches. Yes, some might be identical but in different shades. No shame in little indulgences, right?

NEED: Quality Time with Loved Ones

No material possession can match the joy of being surrounded by our supportive and sometimes quirky families.

WANT: Retail Therapy

NEED: Soul-Enriching Experiences

Think twice next time you’re about to splurge on a luxury item. That same budget could fund a beautiful experience, like a getaway where you’re exploring and rejuvenating amidst nature.

WANT: Tempting Treats (chocolates, pastries, chips)

NEED: Nutritious Plant-Based Alternatives

Why not explore healthier versions of your favorite treats? There are countless plant-based delights waiting to be discovered.

WANT: A Furry Friend

NEED: A Motivated Human Companion

Though, to be honest, I’d love both. While Dean hits the gym, I dream of those future runs accompanied by a four-legged buddy.

I hope this gives you a glimpse into my introspection. My past self occasionally indulged without much thought. But life, with its beautiful lessons, has made me more conscious. Now, the joy in the simple things like a fresh fruit or a jump rope session is unparalleled.

Switching Gears to Fitness…

While I actively engage in various exercises, from running to spinning, there’s an increasing longing. I WANT to push my limits, but more so, I NEED a tangible objective – a competition, a target, a RACE. The anticipation, the prep, the rush of nearing a finish line, it calls to me.

So here’s my commitment: By the end of next week, I’ll enroll in a race. Dean and I have been eyeing a specific one, and the registration details will be out soon. As soon as everything aligns, I’ll share the exciting news!

Now, over to you: What defines your wants and needs? As an athlete, do you find yourself constantly craving that training structure and purpose?

Looking forward to your insights! Stay green and stay fit! 💚🌱🏃‍♂️

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