Happy Wednesday, fellow plant-based athletes! Here’s a blend of my latest obsessions, thoughts, and recommendations to fuel our active, eco-conscious lifestyles.

  1. Waffle Throwback & New Finds:
    Remember the childhood days with Eggos? They were a classic. But now, I’m all about Nature’s Path Homestyle waffles. They’re not just a breakfast item but an anytime treat!
  2. It’s the Little Things:
    The eternal debate: TP over or under? In this athlete’s home, it’s always OVER. A small win for team over! If ever our paths cross and I find the “under” setup at your place, consider it flipped. 😉
  3. Mindful Musings:
    Every now and then, I find myself pondering random, often amusing, thoughts. Here’s one to tickle your brain today.
  4. Relatable Moments:
    Let’s be real, we’ve all been there, haven’t we?
  5. Dinner Delights:
    Last night’s dinner was a plant-based masterpiece. I marinated tempeh for 24 hours using a special recipe from a favorite cookbook. The outcome? An incredibly delicious dish that rivals even restaurant standards.
  6. Random Realizations:
    Not every day’s a winner, especially when it comes to lotteries (NYC, I’m looking at you).
  7. Pet Antics:
    Our beloved Princeton proves that everyone has those less-than-perfect moments. Bad hair day, anyone?
  8. Spring into Action:
    Exciting news for fitness enthusiasts! Mizuno’s spring collection is out and I’m absolutely smitten. Check out their range here. Especially these gems that caught my attention:

Stay fueled, active, and always chasing those plant-based goals. Cheers to the mid-week hustle! 🌱🏃🏽‍♀️

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