Hello, tribe! It’s been a dynamic week in the world of plant-based eating, and as always, I’m thrilled to share my latest finds and thoughts with you.

For some reason, all the universe’s signals point to food this week. Maybe my appetite’s speaking louder than usual? Or perhaps it’s just the universe’s way of celebrating the vibrant world of plant-based foods.

  1. New Breakfast Alert:

    I was thrilled to discover Love Grown Foods’ limited edition of Power O’s on my doorstep. Aptly named Love O’s, these delightful cereals are shaped like little hearts, blending rich chocolate and strawberry flavors. If you’re in the US, scout them out at Dillons, Kroger, Fry’s, and King Soopers.
  2. Coconut Cravings:

    Rumor has it there’s a new coconut milk latte on the block. Fingers crossed we can get this creamy delight in Canada!
  3. The Next Big Thing?:
    These caught my eye, and I’m on a mission to find where they’re stocked. Plant-based treats just keep getting better!
  4. Snack Time Perfection:

    Discovered an absolute gem at Costco. These crackers, in my opinion, outshine even the renowned Mary’s Crackers. Kudos to brands creating gluten-free snacks that burst with flavor.
  5. Protein Powerhouse:

    Vega’s latest additions, Coconut Almond and Mocha, are game changers! They pack a solid 20 grams of protein. They’re a tad sweet for my liking, but nothing a splash of almond milk can’t balance.
  6. Pizza Night, Reimagined:

    Tasted Daiya pizza for the first time post-run. A curious texture when cooked, but flavor-wise? Top marks. It may not replace your favorite traditional pizza, but it’s gentle on a plant-based stomach. Size and price could use some reevaluation, though.
  7. Decisions, Decisions:

    Stumbled upon these two while grocery shopping. Was torn between choices, so left with neither. Maybe next time I’ll grab both?
  8. A Sweet World Celebration:

    It’s World Nutella Day! While not entirely plant-based, it’s a treat many adore. Shoutout to Jess, our resident Nutella enthusiast.
  9. Weekend Plans:
    Looking forward to indulging my Indian cuisine cravings. On the menu: Dal Pakora Roti from Roti Cuisine of India. Toronto folks, if you haven’t been there yet, it’s a must-visit. Paired with a BROADCHURCH marathon, my Friday night’s set.

Cheers to another day of nourishing our bodies and souls with the best plant-based delights. Stay active, stay fueled! 🌱💪🏼

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