Happy Friday, Athletarian community! Coming back from a two-week vacation has its joys and hiccups. The familiar rhythm of routine had its way of challenging my energy reserves this week. Even with short work hours, I’ve felt drained by day’s end. Every morning started with the best intentions; gym bags packed but left untouched and alarm set for a brisk 4:30am wake-up call, yet, the cold sight of my snow-covered car from my warm bed got the best of me.

The treadmill in my basement became my reluctant friend. I managed two runs, but with the marathon only seven weeks away, anxiety is creeping in. Missed long runs and tempo sessions, thanks to an unkind combination of sickness, power outages, and Toronto’s winter blanket, are taking a mental toll. Still, today was a win! Wearing my running gear to my Phys Ed teaching session gave me the motivation to hit the streets post-work. Messy roads and icy sidewalks couldn’t dent my spirits!

Tomorrow’s forecast hints at a luxurious +5°C! My closet might just see the short shorts for a run. Will this slight warmth pull me from my cozy-bed-gravity? Here’s hoping because marathon training waits for no one. On the bright side, my legs have had an unintentional rest, which might just be the silver lining.

Now, let’s talk nutrition. Admittedly, I’ve hit a food plateau. Dinner last night? An ‘apple cereal’ concoction with chia seeds, almond butter, maple syrup, and almond milk – tasty but not quite the wholesome dinner of a marathon trainee. The inspiration from Jurek’s recipe-packed book is a sign. Every chapter ends with simple yet nutrient-rich recipes, emphasizing that nutrition for athletes is just as crucial as the workouts. The goal is to fuel up adequately, ensuring strength and swift recovery.

On the topic of nutrition, shoutout to Amanda from our community who gave the brilliant idea of mason jar salads! Angela’s recent post showcasing these visually stunning and nutritious salads is nothing short of food art. Seriously considering hiring Angela for all my meals!

Heading out to plan the weekend grocery list. Yes, at this late hour because, why not?

Your Turn!

  • If you were to make a mason jar salad, what FIVE ingredients would top your list?
  • Any thrilling weekend adventures lined up? Share your plans!

Stay green, run strong, and embrace every challenge. Let’s rock the weekend! 🌱🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

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