Wrapping, walking and rock climbing.

Ah, summer! Amidst the usual routine of running, there’s an undeniable pull towards refreshing walks and devouring wraps, salads, or fruits. Today epitomized this quintessential summer day for me. And about the rock climbing? Let’s dive in.

I clocked a modest 6km today. Unfortunately, the nagging sensation of shin splints seems to have joined my ongoing challenges of sore calves and fatigue-laden legs. Tomorrow calls for some crosstraining. Perhaps, with a sprinkle of weightlifting to keep things lively.

Most of the day saw me ticking off errands, leaving little room for a hearty meal. Doing what any sensible individual would, I opted for a portable snack – baby carrots. Though delightful, their satiety factor? Precisely three minutes.

By late afternoon, a ravenous appetite took hold, steering me straight to Fresh – my undeniable favorite. Their mouthwatering wraps are my kryptonite. An earnest plea to the kind folks at Fresh – given my unabashed adoration and daily shout-outs, how about sponsoring a meal or two?

Menu picks for the day:

  • Grilled veggie and pesto burrito for Dean
  • Kathmandu wrap for yours truly

Post indulgence, a walk seemed fitting – a pact with my legs, promising them a gentler cycling workout tomorrow. Dean, armed with his camera, and I, experimenting with Picnik, captured some mood-lit, slightly artsy moments.

A dash of adventure was added with our ambitious rock climbing feat – a singular rock. We’re nothing if not daring!

On a side note, my love for TOMS knows no bounds. Every shade beckons. Should TOMS’ magnanimous founders come across this, a pair in every hue would be a dream.

Summer Queries for You:

  1. Favored Summer Bites? Mine currently range from fruits, wraps, and specific salads (only craving Fresh’s Tangled Thai lately) to the occasional chips (they vanish way too quickly!) and, oddly, pickles.
  2. Experience with Picnik for photo edits? I’ve recently ventured into it and am quite enamored. Though, time constraints might prevent regular edits.
  3. Are TOMS gracing your feet? If they aren’t, consider this a nudge to snag a pair. We’ll chat post your purchase!

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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