Look Good, Run Faster!

A few weeks back, the talented Sarah, known for her engaging content at Always Training Trio, reached out with a thrilling offer. Would I like an early look at a skirt from her newly minted brand, Attica Athletic, which officially opened its digital doors on June 1st? Combining her dual loves – running and fashion – she birthed this exciting line. Embracing the philosophy “Look good, run faster,” this brand seemed tailor-made for those with a penchant for aesthetics and performance. Naturally, I couldn’t resist, and soon a chic skirt graced my doorstep.

Impressed? I was!

Now, to be transparent, running skirts weren’t initially on my athletic wear radar. My first foray was a piece from Lululemon just last year. While I do adore some Lulu styles (yes, we discussed my borderline obsession), it’s always refreshing to diversify one’s sportswear collection. Price-wise, at $56, the skirt is competitively positioned with familiar brands like Lululemon.

Peek into the range of hues available:

Crafted from feather-light fabric, this skirt is built for speed and agility, evident from the smart side slits. I particularly appreciate the snug waistband and the discreet pocket, perfect for essentials. Uniquely, the design skips built-in shorts, promoting versatility. Slip it over your favorite compression attire, be it shorts or leggings, and voila, you’re race-ready with a dash of flair!

I’m genuinely eager to flaunt this addition at my next race.

Picture me, gliding effortlessly (with a bit of creative imagination, of course)!

Discover more about Attica Athletic on their official website and stay updated on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@atticaathletic).

So, readers, where do you stand on running skirts? Any in your collection? Let’s discuss!

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