Hey Athletarian fam!

What a whirlwind of a week! It’s Thursday already and I feel like it’s just the start. You know, there’s something about Thursdays that I’ve come to love. It’s my chance to share those spontaneous, off-the-cuff tidbits that sometimes don’t make it to my regular posts. Big shoutout to the brilliant Amanda for this “Thinking-Out-Loud” series!

In the Spirit of Candid Sharing:

  1. Early Bird Struggles: My gym attire has been on standby for the last fortnight, alarm blaring at 4:15 am. But let’s be honest, hitting the snooze button is the only workout I’ve been doing during those early hours. Though yesterday, in a bout of optimism, I slept in my gym clothes. Result? More cozy sleep. It’s not all sloth though, I’ve planned a run tonight, and some at-home functional training. Here’s hoping tomorrow morning’s gym visit actually happens!
  2. Chia Chronicles: I gave Angela’s chia recipe a whirl, and while my attempt may not look as Instagrammable as hers, the taste is spot on! (Insert image) And trust me, those invisible cherries are just the cherry on top. This dish aligns perfectly with my #OneChange initiative.
  3. Snack Attack: Carried a bag of snap peas as a work snack and guess what? Only one person teased me about it. Win? (Insert image)
  4. Retail Therapy… or Not: Lululemon’s email about their Canadian Warehouse Sale had me excited, until most items I fancied were out of my size. Ah, the agony of a missed bargain!
  5. Carb-Meme Magic: Stumbled upon a meme that resonated with my carb-loving soul! #allthecarbs (Insert image)
  6. Princeton Pause: Couldn’t possibly skip featuring my furry buddy, especially because Amanda always looks forward to it! (Insert image)
  7. Running Reflections: The thought of an impending 18-mile run this Sunday is daunting. The 16-mile journey last weekend was quite the challenge. But hey, the after-run meal is the light at the end of that long tunnel.
  8. Toenail Troubles: Post last week’s long run, I discovered a toe injury – looks like my nails (despite being trimmed) are doing a number on my neighboring toes. Considering trying injinji socks – they seem bizarre but might just be the solution? (Insert image)
  9. Instagram Appreciation: Huge thanks to Pavement Runner for the WEGO Health Activist nomination in the “Best in Show: Instagram” category. Honored! (Insert image) If you’d like to endorse me, click here!
  10. Your Turn: Now, spill the beans! Tell me a random fact or thought from your week. 🌟

Wishing you all a vibrant Thursday, and here’s to looking forward to the weekend’s adventures! 🌱🏃‍♀️🎉

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