WIAW: A taste of heaven three times

Embracing the #plantPOWER lifestyle has been an enriching experience. I thought it would be delightful to bring you along this journey by showcasing some of the scrumptious dishes I’ve whipped up. So, here’s my culinary entry for this week’s WIAW. Gratitude to Jenn for hosting the initiative!

These dishes have been a delightful surprise. I won’t claim to be a master chef, but my culinary experiments (some successful, some…not so much) have led to some delightful discoveries. Often, these gems emerge from unexpected concoctions or by drawing inspiration from others (with due credit, naturally). Here’s a sneak peek into my recent dietary escapades. If you’ve been following my Instagram closely, consider this a delicious déjà vu.

Breakfast Bliss: Who needs cereal when you can reinvent breakfast? Inspired by a whimsical idea, I diced up a gluten-free vegan waffle from Nature’s Path, then tossed in bananas, strawberries, blackberries, chia seeds, and hemp hearts. A gentle drizzle of maple syrup and a splash of almond milk later, my morning delight was ready.

Lunchtime Repetition: If you’ve seen the same dish making an appearance in my feed, it’s because it’s too good to switch up. My recent favorite features roasted broccoli and cauliflower, coupled with sun-dried tomatoes, drizzled in the addictive Powercakes’ Pumpkin Alfredo, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Recently, I’ve been tossing in some rice, enhancing the flavor even further. (A pro-tip: It’s even better when not confined to tupperware.)

Dinner’s Kale Tale: Kale and I had a rocky start. My initial encounter was with a salad that had undeniably tough kale, which put me off. However, kitchen tales whispered of a secret – massaging your kale. Skeptical but hopeful, I seasoned my kale with sea salt and gave it a gentle rubdown. The transformation? Utterly surprising! The previously tough kale graciously mellowed down. Tossed with lentils, olives, tomatoes, and sunflower seeds, and finished with a hummus-lemon dressing, it was a dish to remember.

And yes, I do munch between meals. Though I’ve spared you images of my on-the-go apples or the assortment of nuts that find their way into my pockets.

Your Culinary Corner:

  • What breakfast dish has been lighting up your mornings?
  • Kale enthusiasts, how do you prefer it on your plate? 🌿🍽️🌱

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