My personal planner!

Greetings, fellow planners! I’ve touched on this before, but I genuinely believe there’s magic in jotting down your thoughts and schedules. While we’re constantly surrounded by digital tools, for me, the charm lies in good old pen and paper. The act of flipping through pages and seeing my athletic and dietary journey in a tangible form is unmatched. For those wondering, yes, I’m a little Type A.

A short time ago, I had the delightful chance to connect with Lisa from Personal Planner. She offered me the unique experience of designing a planner tailored to my athletic and plant-based lifestyle. The level of customization available was surprising and refreshing.

Here’s a breakdown of my customized planner design:

  1. Size Matters: There’s a selection of four distinct sizes. I settled for the ‘Wide’ option, which allowed my chosen cover image, taken during a spring training session, to shine.
  2. Inside Story: The daily layouts were diverse – from blank spaces to striped designs. I went for a pink-striped layout, adding a ‘training’ box to each day to track my workouts and plant-based meals. Plus, I had the option to add important personal dates – like the day I first embraced a plant-based diet!
  3. Additional Modules: The planner comes with a modular section at the bottom, where you can add various themes like pre-school, dinners, tunes, and more. I opted for a simple ‘to do’ list, while the remaining space was designed with ruled lines for free-flowing thoughts or jotting down new vegan recipes to try.
  4. A Peek into the Future: At the end, there’s space for an overview. I chose to get an overview of 2015 and 2016, complemented by additional ruled pages to serve as a mini training journal.
  5. Personal Touch: The last customization stage was the owner information page. I kept it minimalistic with a motivational header – “2015 will be MY year”, followed by my contact details (kept private for obvious reasons!).

The entire design process was engaging, allowing me to weave in my athletic journey and plant-based lifestyle. Though I wasn’t sponsored for this, the opportunity to design a planner that resonates with my life was genuinely rewarding.

To all my fellow athletes on a plant-based diet or anyone with a penchant for planning, I highly recommend exploring Personal Planner. It’s a delightful amalgamation of style, personal touch, and functionality.

Stay organized and fuel your journey with green goodness!

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