Hello, dear readers! While I’d typically greet you with a joyful “Happy Thursday,” today feels a tad different. Let’s discuss my current musings and hurdles, shall we?

Reflections and Realities:

  1. Rollercoaster Workouts: Last week, I was on top of my game, nailing every workout. Contrastingly, this week hasn’t seen a single sprint or lift from me. Waking up on Monday felt disastrous. A visit to the doctor confirmed it – strep throat. Swallowing felt like a perilous journey over jagged terrains.
  2. Teaching Troubles: Despite being on antibiotics and my doctor’s assurance that I wasn’t contagious, heading back to work was a mistake. Imagine teaching phys ed with a barely-there voice. To add to the woes, waking up today, I felt immensely worse. Calling in sick on a day when the first major snowfall struck didn’t feel great, especially knowing many colleagues might be facing the same predicament.

  1. Lost Appetite: It’s that peculiar time of year again when food seems unappealing. Whether it’s the illness or just one of those phases, my taste buds seem on strike. If only I could sustain solely on liquids without feeling completely drained.
  2. Homebound Lethargy: Today might just be a top contender for one of my most unproductive days. Being home, one would imagine a burst of domestic productivity. However, my bed remains a rumpled mess, with sheets awaiting their return from the dryer.

Bright Spots Amidst the Gloom:

  1. Sock It To Me: On a brighter note, I initiated a Pro Compression giveaway on my Instagram! If you’re in for some fabulous compression socks, hop over and participate. The December edition with delightful snowflakes is a charm.

Plus, using the code BLG14 will fetch you a cool 40% discount on your order. Perfect for holiday gifting!

  1. Marathon Mentions: For those who’ve been following my chatter about the Phoenix Marathon, bear with me for just a couple more months. A heads-up: slots for the full marathon are filling up swiftly. If you’re contemplating, now’s the time.

Elevation insights:

A cherished memory from the previous year:

And hey, XTINA10 will score you a 10% discount, no matter the distance you choose!

  1. Buzzing Reads: Stumbled upon this fantastic Buzzfeed piece: “22 Pictures That Prove That 2014 Is The Damn Future.” Worth a peek!
  2. Fashion Forward: A delightful 30% off Tory Burch promo code came my way today, courtesy of my lovely Instagram pal, Melanie. Those Reva flats I’ve been eyeing for eons might just be on my Christmas shopping list. Though this pair caught my eye:

I might just opt for a shade that’s versatile, or perhaps, take a wild turn.

Hoping your day is filled with vibrancy, health, and accomplishments! Stay spirited and, as always, fueled by plants. 🌱👟🍀


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