Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today’s vibe is slightly on the mellow side, given that I’ve caught a seasonal bug. Even though I didn’t hit my goal of 100 miles this month, there’s optimism in the air. April holds promise, and I’m gearing up for better days ahead!

The wonderful Jen from Jen Chooses Joy tagged me for an insightful Q&A about my running preferences. So here we go, diving deep into my athletic, plant-based lifestyle!

  1. Favorite Running Trails?
    • Local: Nothing beats the tranquility of running by Downtown Toronto’s lakefront, especially when the waters aren’t frozen.
    • Away: The Seawall in Vancouver has its unique charm, though I’ve only had a few opportunities to explore it.
    • Travel favorite: Running the boardwalk in Aruba is a delightful experience. The time I spent there last year with my mom, running with a breathtaking view every day, remains etched in my memory.
  2. When Do I Lace Up?Mornings are my jam! If I don’t hit the track early, chances are I might just give it a pass. Evening runs and I share a challenging relationship.
  3. Perfect Running Climate?Warm but not sweltering. Running in layers isn’t my thing. Give me shorts, tank tops, and a temperature between 15°C to 25°C, and I’m all set.
  4. Fueling the Run?
    • Before: A sip of my Vega Sugar-free Energizer is a must. Depending on the run’s intensity, a light snack might follow—perhaps a toast, a waffle, or a serving of Love Grown Foods Power Os.
    • During: Honey Stinger gels have recently become my go-to energy boosters.
    • After: Typically, my post-run meal is a hearty breakfast choice – be it oatmeal, a refreshing smoothie, or an English muffin.
  5. Running Gear?
    • Tracker: Garmin Forerunner 220
    • Hydration: Fuel Belt Spring 10oz Palm Holder
    • Essentials pouch: Spibelt
  6. Post-Run Indulgences?Rewarding oneself is essential, and for me, a delightful pizza after a demanding run is pure bliss. Other favorites include chips with salsa and a Starbucks latte. And, let’s admit it, there’s always room for some fresh running attire and those snug Pro Compression socks!

Feel inspired? Share your answers below or, if you’ve got a blog, join in this fun journey of discovery!

Stay active, eat plant-based, and have a phenomenal day! 🌱🏃‍♂️🍕

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