I made two big decisions

Let’s kick things off with a coffee revelation. With the arrival of Starbucks’ festive red cups and seasonal drinks, I couldn’t resist diving into their latest offerings. Though I never considered myself a coffee aficionado, the pumpkin spice latte changed the game for me. Fast forward to today, after sampling the gingerbread latte and the peppermint mocha (prepared half sweet with soy milk), nothing quite matches up to my dear PSL.

A quick shout-out to Princeton for always being by my side during these coffee escapades!

On another exciting note, I’ve registered for the Around the Bay 30K race in Hamilton, Ontario, scheduled for March 24, 2013. A bit of trivia for you: this event holds the title of North America’s oldest road race, premiering in 1894—a good three years before the Boston Marathon!

The looming winter has me anxious, though. My last winter race training for a half marathon was brutal. Unexpected snow, slush, and an unwavering chill resulted in my very first DNF. Crossing my fingers for a gentler winter this time around. Bright side? Friends like Ali and Danielle are joining, ensuring we’ll have each other’s backs (and probably share a few tears) at the finish line.

Now, onto a dietary decision that’s been brewing for a while. I’m amplifying my vegetarian diet to embrace a more plant-based approach. It’s time to phase out certain animal-derived products (think protein bars, casein, and cheese) that may be contributing to my occasional digestive woes. Inspired by Kasey’s #plantPOWER challenge vlog, I recalled the vitality I felt when I’d previously opted for a completely plant-based menu. My goal is to reintroduce that wholesomeness into my diet, especially with so many resources and a vibrant community to guide and inspire.

A Glimpse of My Recent Plant-based Delights:

  • Romaine, bursting with fresh veggies, crowned with lemon dill hummus, sunflower seeds, and hemp hearts.
  • Veggie rice rolls, paired with a zesty peanut lime sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate arils.
  • A hearty vegan pancake, adorned with diced peach, pecans, and a drizzle of maple syrup.
  • Oats, lovingly mixed with banana, raspberries, chia seeds, and a dash of cinnamon.

And let’s get one thing straight: I’m not putting any labels on my dietary choices. While I adore chocolate, froyo, and the occasional indulgence, my core focus remains on nutrient-rich, plant-based meals—with a side of fun, naturally.

So, spill the beans:

  • Got any races on your horizon?
  • Would you like to see more of my plant-based meal adventures?
  • Starbucks aficionados, what’s your go-to drink? 🌱🏃‍♀️🍂

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