Taking a leaf out of Jess’s book (met her on Sunday after our reunion post-Seawheeze!) and bringing you all a “Coffee Date” post. Let’s delve into my world as we sip on our favourite beverages – for me, a morning Diet Dr. Pepper. Yes, I’m still on the diet soda train!

What I’m Sipping: Other than the occasional diet soda, I’ve been indulging in lattes more than ever this month. Maybe it’s the chill in the air or perhaps Starbucks’ iconic red cups pulling me in, but I’m riding a caffeine high. My bank account, however, isn’t as thrilled!

What’s On My Plate: I’m devouring the Oh She Glows Crowd-Pleasing Caesar Salad. For someone who isn’t the biggest fan of salads due to their repetitive nature, calling this one “mind-blowing” is quite a statement. It’s from her latest cookbook, “Oh She Glows Everyday”, but there’s a similar recipe on her blog. I’ve been drizzling the dressing over a mix of kale and romaine, and occasionally, I’ll crown it with chickpea croutons or a veggie burger. A definite must-try!

What I’m Reading: After a long hiatus, I’ve dived back into The Girl On The Train. Initially introduced to it on a flight (where I promptly fell asleep), I’ve now been engrossed in its gripping narrative.

Latest Obsession: Just snagged a pair of adidas ultra boosts from Sport Chek. With a gift card in tow, it felt like I scored them for half the price. A new training phase calls for fresh kicks, doesn’t it? Plus, some of my old pairs are showing signs of wear and tear.

Photo of the Month: Always a challenge to select just one, but this snapshot encapsulates my month:

November Adventures: Some standout moments include completing the NYC Marathon, cheering on at a Raptors game courtesy of adidas Canada, and finally meeting Jay in person! (P.S.: Tried sharing a Boomerang from our meetup, but tech woes won – here’s a screenshot instead!)

Digital Gem of the Month:

So, what made your November memorable? Share your stories in the comments! 💚

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