Protein smoothie popsicles!

Ah, the sweet allure of long weekends! Here in Canada, we’re diving into the leisurely vibes. It’s easy to drift from our dietary goals during these times, especially when the summer sun beckons. While the “I’ll get back on track on Monday” mantra is all too familiar, it doesn’t always serve our athletic, plant-based lifestyle.

Enter the ultimate summer savior: protein smoothie popsicles inspired by The Eat Clean Diet. The best part? They feel indulgent without an ounce of guilt attached!

These popsicles boast simple ingredients—everything on the list is easily recognizable, aligning perfectly with our clean-eating ethos. Plus, there’s so much room for creativity! For my American readers gearing up for the Fourth of July, imagine crafting blue (with blueberries), white (maybe bananas?), and red (strawberries, of course) popsicles? The color, the taste, the festivity!

Don’t have agave? No worries! Customize the sweetness level with stevia, honey, or even maple syrup. Or, for those who prefer subtlety, opt out of sweeteners altogether.

On my end, I tweaked the original with some frozen mangoes and a banana I had lying around. The result? Creamy, fruity perfection. I’m stoked to experiment with more flavors and share the joy with friends this weekend.

You can find the inspiration behind this treat in The Eat Clean Diet’s Family and Kids book, available for a sneak peek here.

Curious minds want to know: which fruit is making your heart sing currently? 🍓🍌🍉🥭🌿

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