As the Nike 15K drew closer, I found myself on the brink of opting out. With the race unfolding on Toronto Island, the early-bird Wave #1 ferry schedule, paired with the distance from my uptown location to the downtown ferry dock, painted a rather exhausting day ahead. The looming marathon of waking up at 4 am, commuting, ferrying, waiting, racing, and journeying back home felt overwhelming for just a 15K event.

Almost decided to skip, but a pep talk with my buddies, Gemma and Martina, changed my perspective. After all, it’s a Nike event. Good vibes guaranteed, right? Fingers crossed!

Here’s my guide to race-ready prep:

  1. Nourish Right: Those pre-race days are crucial. My golden rule? Consume wholesome, energizing food. Past blunders taught me to shun extreme carb-loading and indulging in oily treats. Instead, I focus on easily digestible carbs like rice, bread, and potatoes, complemented with protein-rich tofu and essential fats like avocado and nut butter.
  2. Gear Up in Advance: Nothing ruins a race morning like a missing pair of shorts. Thus, I pin my bib on my top the night before, neatly arrange my outfit, and prep a post-race kit – packed with essentials like snacks, water, spare clothes, and importantly, those extra hair ties.
  3. Strategize: Some races are straightforward, but others, like this one, require meticulous planning. Know the drive time, parking details, walking distances, shuttle schedules, and more. Being prepared eliminates last-minute frantic Google searches and paves the way for a stress-free start.
  4. Tech-Ready: A dead iPod or watch can be a race-day downer. Ensure all gadgets are fully charged. For rainy days, a pro-tip is to arm yourself with Ziploc bags to shield your devices, learning from my rain-soaked Vancouver Marathon fiasco.
  5. Race Strategy: Some races you run for the sheer joy, without the pressures of timing. Yet for those where you aim to achieve specific goals, knowing your game plan is essential. Be clear on pace, strategy, water stops, gel intakes, and other specifics.

Above all, trust your hard work. Relish the race, appreciate the journey, and bask in your achievement. Remember, the months of training you’ve invested are a testament to your dedication. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, every runner showcases an inspiring blend of commitment and passion. Once you’ve crossed that finish line, don’t just pat yourself on the back – maybe treat yourself to a delightful pizza slice too!

Sending out heaps of positive vibes to all participating this weekend! Stay tuned for my post-race thoughts on Monday! 🏃‍♀️🌱🍕

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