Today marked W4D3 on James Wilson’s athletic regimen. To say it pushed me to my limits would be an understatement – I was drenched, even without the cardio! And speaking of firsts, I donned short, form-fitting shorts for my workout, a departure from my usual Lululemon speed shorts.

Let me share a personal note: I’ve always been critical of my legs and glutes, feeling they’re not quite as toned as I’d like, especially compared to my upper body. Overcoming this self-consciousness is a journey, but my current training is helping both physically and mentally. Today was a leap of faith – embracing those tight shorts and setting an intent to sculpt leaner legs and perkier glutes. Fitness evolution is a process, and I’m embracing patience as my mantra.

Shifting gears, are you familiar with Powercakes? An absolute treasure trove of inspiration! If you haven’t already, dive into her world of fitness and food.

This June, Kasey from Powercakes is rolling out a POWERMEAL A DAY clean eating challenge! The drill is simple: follow her daily food chart, integrate the suggested ingredient into a meal, snap a pic, and share on social platforms. Dive into the specifics and the fun rewards she’s offering here. I’m already prepping, with an “eat a rainbow” meal planned for tomorrow’s lunch!

Now, turning the conversation to you:

  • Do you have a go-to exercise targeting legs or glutes?
  • Share a powerfood or powermeal that fueled you today!

Here’s to celebrating every step in our fitness journey, embracing plant-based power, and lifting each other up! 🌱💪🏋️‍♂️

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