Hello dear readers! As my spring break winds down, there’s a unique sense of contentment in the air. It’s like finally completing a jigsaw puzzle — every piece in its right place. My heart brims with positivity. And adding to that high, I’ve ditched my bed-laptop work routine for a brand new desk from Crate and Barrel. Plus, shaking off a week-long ailment means lacing up those running shoes and hitting the track after a hiatus. It feels like forever since my last workout!

Speaking of workouts, last week’s Crossfit Liberty Village invite offered a refreshing change. After a long time, I was stepping back into a “box” (Crossfit jargon for the uninitiated!). While my comfort zone screams running, this felt like a new horizon, a challenge I was eager to embrace. Kudos to Reebok for nudging me out of my routine!

The warm welcome started with a duffel of treats including the latest Nano 7 shoes. Fond memories of my very first Nanos from a trip to Reebok’s Crossfit hub in New York flashed back. Comparing and experiencing the evolution of this shoe was exhilarating, especially as we prepped for the WOD (Workout of the Day).

Post some brisk body weight exercises, we dove straight into our regimen.

The initial set spanned 12 minutes with three exercises, rotating every minute. The rhythm involved kettle bell goblet squats, step-ups (we played safe, avoiding those daunting box jumps), and mountain climbers. To my surprise, I felt warmed up but not overly exhausted.

Then came part two! A 10-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) sequence with KB swings, lunges, box dips, and a calorie row without any breaks. This is when I felt the real burn. The constant movement was challenging, engaging, and oddly invigorating.


Two pivotal takeaways from this day:

  1. COACH AMY – Her dynamic blend of fitness expertise, gracious coaching, and encouragement transformed the session into an empowering experience. Amy ensured we maintained the right form without ever making us feel out of place.

  1. The NANO 7 – These shoes proved their mettle in the workout. They offered stability, especially during squats, ensuring my feet were firmly grounded. At the same time, their flexibility during step-ups and mountain climbers was commendable. Though our session didn’t involve running, I’m keen to test them out on a jog soon.

In summary, my Crossfit Liberty Village experience was fulfilling, and the Nano 7s added to the perfection. A hearty thanks to Reebok Canada for introducing me to this fresh adventure!

Disclaimer: While Reebok sponsored this post, my thoughts and experiences are candid and personal. Appreciate your trust!

Here’s to more challenges and a fantastic weekend ahead! 🌱🏋️‍♀️👟

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