Aspaeris review and GIVEAWAY!

Even with an ongoing giveaway, I just couldn’t resist introducing another stellar one! A while ago, the kind folks at Aspaeris sent me their signature compression shorts. Coincidentally, I also clinched a pair in a giveaway hosted by Christy! When Kari from Aspaeris inquired about my color preference, I gravitated towards the fiery red, a shade I admired on Skinny Runner. Yet, the classic black beckoned too. Thanks to Christy’s giveaway, I secured that too (talk about luck!). While I await the arrival of the black variant, you can admire them on Christy or Janae – they look fabulous!

Here’s a glimpse of the vibrant red variant that has won my heart.

Primarily, I’ve donned these shorts post-workouts, but trust me, they’re stylish enough to be your workout companion. Kari had some queries about my experience, and I figured you might be curious too. Let’s delve right in, without making it too lengthy:

First Impressions: At a glance, they appeared quite petite, and I briefly wondered if I’d resemble an overstuffed dumpling. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case! The fabric feels incredibly smooth against the skin, offering adequate stretch. It offers just the right compression level without being suffocating.

Waistband Wonders: I’m particularly fond of the shorts’ waistband. It’s designed seamlessly and lies flat against the body, ensuring no unsightly “muffin top” moments.

Double-Layered Design: A feature worth highlighting is the shorts’ dual-layer construction. Especially if you’re into running or sports, this design is a godsend. Aspaeris mentions, “The inner layer features Bi-Directional Sensory Bands. These bands guide the body to maintain the ‘knees over toes’ stance, optimizing performance and reducing injury risk.” A safer run? Count me in!

And, because no review is complete without a fun snapshot, here’s a shot of me leaping with joy in these shorts, with the color perfectly matching my exuberance!

If I could, I’d recommend these shorts to every individual out there – athlete or not. I’ve seen friends endure the pain of ACL surgeries, and products like these can be instrumental in warding off such injuries.

Excited Yet? Here’s Your Chance to Win!

To participate in the giveaway, ensure each action has its own comment to maximize your entries:

  1. Follow this blog (or confirm if you’re already a follower).
  2. Give a thumbs up to my Facebook page [link].
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  6. Explore the Aspaeris website and share your must-have color and a unique fact you discovered about the shorts.
  7. Amplify the fun – blog, tweet, or share this giveaway on Facebook.

Offering you seven avenues to clinch those shorts! Engage in as many as you’d like, and elevate your odds.

Entries close on Friday, October 7th. Dive in and all the best! 🌿🏃‍♀️🌟

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