Just two days away from the marathon, and, if it’s possible, my adrenaline levels are surging even higher. This week, I’ve officially become a condo owner (exciting!), but the thoughts of home improvement – like the new floors and paint jobs – are on pause until after the race. Let’s tackle one mountain at a time, shall we?

My morning was kickstarted with a brisk 3.1-mile run, and I’m planning a brief shakeout run for tomorrow. Plus, for those of you attending the expo tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my experiences on stage from 3:30-3:50 pm, along with three fabulous fellow runners. For the complete roster of guest speakers, click here.

In sync with Jen’s ‘Friday Five’ theme, here’s a sneak peek into five things that have caught my attention lately:

  1. Plant-Based Delights: While I’ve always been skeptical about plant-based meat substitutes, the Field Roast smoked apple sage sausages changed my opinion. Kudos to Angela from ‘Oh She Glows’ for this delightful recommendation. If you’re on a vegan journey, this is a must-try!
  2. Brooks Launch 2 Shoes: Ever since the ‘Breakfast with Brooks’ event, I’ve been enamored by the Brooks Launch 2. Kudos to Brooks Canada for sending over this pair labeled as “speedy, springy, and super light.” Eager to test them out post-marathon!
  3. Sock Love: Pro Compression socks have a special corner in my heart. Their latest ‘sock of the month’ release is an absolute stunner with sleek stripes.
  4. Stay Hydrated with Swell: My cousin’s gift, the Swell water bottle, ensures I stay hydrated. Whether it’s a cold drink for a hot day or a warm one for chilly mornings, this bottle’s got my back.
  5. ERIN – The Marathon Queen: Here’s to celebrating ERIN from ‘The Little Runner Girl’. Fresh off the Chicago Marathon with a Boston Qualifier in her bag, her performance was a masterclass in consistency. Witnessing her maintaining a pace of 7:51 – 8:07 min/mile from start to finish was truly awe-inspiring. ERIN, Boston 2017 – here we come!

Signing off for now. The next update will be post the exhilarating marathon experience. Wishing all of you an incredible weekend ahead! 🌱🏃‍♂️🌟

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