WIAW: Fall into good habits!

With autumn upon us, it’s time for a fresh start and to cultivate healthier habits. Big thanks to Jenn for inspiring this month’s theme: Fall into Good Habits! As I share my plant-based athletic meals, I’m also highlighting my aspirations and routines. Topping my list? Remaining committed to “Strike Sugar September”. I’m on track and fueled by determination.

Today, my hunger rhythms were a tad unusual. Typically, I feed my body 5-6 times, but today was quieter on the appetite front. I started my morning with an invigorating, fasted hill training workout on the treadmill that spanned 45 minutes. Eating pre-run demands a decent digestion window, and my tight schedule just didn’t permit it. My day’s pace required a quick grab-and-go meal post workout.

Admittedly, it wasn’t the perfect post-workout fuel, but constraints demanded flexibility. With my sweet tooth beckoning post-grandma’s doctor appointment, I whipped up a delectably vast vegan pancake. Embellished with Powercakes’ chia jam and a sprinkle of coconut flakes, this meal was pure delight! Stay tuned for the pancake details soon, but here’s the chia jam recipe for the curious souls.

My day’s highlight? Spending quality time with my fur-buddy! A casual walk turned into a neighborhood social, with nearly 20 folks stopping to admire him. Our ventures included a rendezvous with Dean, exploring puppy training centers, tea-shopping at David’s Tea, and wrapping up with a delightful dinner at Chipotle.

Despite my claims of whipping up a better homemade version, I thoroughly relished the vegetarian bowl. Beneath the verdant layer of lettuce were copious amounts of rice and beans. Kudos, Chipotle – your guacamole game is unmatched!

After some energizing Insanity workouts, I’ll indulge in another meal, though the menu remains a mystery for now.

Before signing off, here’s some food for thought: I’m often asked about my protein intake. While I lean towards lower protein, my diet is rich in healthy fats. James Wilson endorsed this approach, emphasizing the satiating power of fats like almonds, chia seeds, and coconut. Simply put, I’m an avowed fat enthusiast!

So, tell me:

  • What culinary delight made your day?
  • Which healthy fat do you swear by? 🌱🏃‍♀️🍂

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