Happy Friday! I have no complaints about today so far. None. Well maybe that I hit snooze a few too many times and was only able to fit in 3.1 miles before work. I was hoping for 6-7 but 3.1 is better than none, right? Refuelled with my banana mocha “ice cream” (frozen banana + almond milk + Vega One in mocha) and off to work I went. Running just has a way of setting the tone for my day and puts me in a great mood. Vega at your doorstep also puts you in a great mood. FullSizeRender-5 Other than being abnormally thrilled about running a 5k this morning and coming home to a box of Vega, today is also great because it’s PRINCETON’S 3RD BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Friday also means it’s go out for lunch day at work… #BURRITOSFOREVERYONE 😀

Aaaaaand it’s also time for the weekend. I think Mother Nature is finally giving us some sun for the next couple of days. I am craving a long, hot, sweaty, sunshine-y run and I cannot wait to get out there in some short shorts. My legs are sofreakingwhite and in desperate need of some Vitamin D.

One more thing – Lululemon just got more colours of their Energy Bra. I got my first one in Arizona on a whim and I swear it’s the most amazing bra ever. They only had one colour in my size there (black on black leopard print) so when I saw the variety over at Lululemon Yorkdale this week, I may or may not have done a bit of a happy dance. I’m usually not one to spend a lot of money on sports bras (hellooooo Target) because they are always hidden under my tanks/t-shirts BUT this one fits so well and is so pretty! I might actually wear it one day with nothing on top *gasp* but for now I will continue to eat burritos and wear it as a base layer… 😉 energy bra #NEEDALLTHECOLOURS Okay, I lied. One more thing (for real this time). Catching up with Angela also made today pretty fabulous. She moved to Vancouver a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been texting her old number and not getting any responses. Turns out she changed her number and we finally got things sorted! I’ve been keeping up with her life by reading her blog but it was nice to actually text back and forth today. I wonder if she can mail me one of her Middle Eastern Bowls? 😉

Have a great weekend!

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