Partner Yoga!

Welcome to all newcomers to! As part of my continuous journey into the world of fitness, I’m currently enrolled in an athletic training program tailored for mature individuals. This month-long endeavor in July aims to equip me with a Physical Education qualification. My dream? To inspire the younger generation to find joy in fitness and perhaps even develop a fondness for stylish athletic wear and participating in races.

Our program structure is dynamic with three 1-hour activity sessions interspersed with two 1-hour theory classes. This week’s highlights included baseball (a sport I am humorously unskilled at), an exhilarating fitness session, and a relaxing yoga class led by the brilliant Katy. While I always carry my camera to capture these moments, I’ve been somewhat shy about using it. However, today was an exception.

The highlight of today: PARTNER YOGA! A quick heads-up – some poses in partner yoga can feel a bit personal, especially if you’re unfamiliar with your partner. Thankfully, my friend Jelena is sharing this course journey with me, making our session both fun and comfortable. On a different note, there’s a phenomenal athlete in our batch who’s completed a marathon in just 2:59! I’m secretly hoping we become fast friends.

Here’s a glimpse of our yoga session:

The initial two captures feature Jelena and me mastering the Partner Downward Dog. Admittedly, my posture in the second image may not be perfect – apologies, Katy! The final shot is of our impeccable Partner Plank, with Jelena seemingly illuminating our surroundings with her brilliance.

As our session concluded, Katy, along with a few talented peers, showcased their advanced yoga skills, leaving us in awe.

Coming up next week: an introduction to pilates and the challenging world of lacrosse. Who would’ve thought that mastering hand-eye coordination would be such a pivotal part of athletics? This promises to be an enlightening experience.

Ever delved into Partner Yoga?

I recall Katy hosting a Couple’s Yoga workshop on Valentine’s Day which Dean and I enthusiastically attended. Despite our size difference, we harmonized quite well in our poses! You can view our memorable moment here.

How do you resonate with fitness – as a team player or a solo enthusiast?

While I thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie and fun that sports offer (mostly due to my amusing antics), I’ve always steered clear of team commitments. I’d hate to unintentionally become the weak link. Instead, I cherish my solo ventures into running, spin classes, and weight training. How about you?

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