Today marked my rejuvenated return to the gym. In recent times, I’ve found solace in running, and given the events in Boston, I’ve never felt more grateful for the gift of movement. The Running Room organized a heartwarming group run in memory of Boston, drawing in an incredible turnout. I joined the challenging 10K hill trail run, which nudged me to opt for stairs the following day.

In a rather amusing episode, I was caught in the act of taking a gym selfie – undoubtedly, a top moment!

Now, let’s talk discoveries. A few weeks back, I was introduced to Swanson Health Products by Anthony, and the array of offerings left me spoilt for choice! Ranging from health foods, supplements, to vitamins, the choices seemed endless. As a food enthusiast, I navigated towards the edible delights.

I have a known weakness for mangos, especially those without added sugars. The ones I received didn’t last a day (no regrets!). The cacao nibs and goji berries were intriguing additions, usually beyond my budget at local grocery stores. Their potential uses? I’ll explore and share. The Power Crunch bars, although not vegan, promised taste and convenience. Their reminder of my NYC trip with Electra was nostalgic.

And the star product: CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT BUTTER. I had assumed Justin’s was exclusively available in the U.S., but spotting it on Swanson’s site at a fraction of local store prices was exhilarating! A taste reminiscent of Ferrero Rocher’s core, it’s pure indulgence.

What struck me about Swanson Health Products wasn’t just their competitive prices, but also their efficient delivery and exceptional customer service. Even with the shipping to Canada, the overall cost still proved more economical than local retail purchases.

So, if you’re eyeing some savings on beloved health products, give them a peek. And yes, while my reviews here are genuine and unpaid, I did receive those delicious products complimentary!

Ever experimented with cacao nibs? How do you incorporate them into your meals?

Where do you frequently shop online? Books, apparel, or gourmet?

Lastly, did you run in memory of Boston this past week? Let’s keep the spirit of unity and resilience alive.

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