Despite the relentless rain this morning, today is shaping up to be spectacular! I wrap up work early at 1:30 PM (a sweet deal, right?), have plans to savor some vegan Indian cuisine tonight, and the best part – it’s FRIDAY! As always, I’m joining Jen for our Friday Five feature. Here’s what’s topping my list this week:

  1. Adidas Supernova Storm Jacket: I sported this at the recent runmore 10k, and it’s swiftly becoming a staple in my athletic wardrobe. The jacket’s upper section boasts reflective detailing, making it a reliable companion for those dawn or dusk runs. Lightweight and versatile, I opted for a size larger, ensuring I have room for warmer layers during cooler sessions.
  2. Hungry Buddha’s Coconut Chips: After developing a penchant for their Thirsty Buddha coconut water, these chips have solidified my loyalty to the brand. The sriracha flavor? A harmonious blend of spicy delight and crunchy goodness.!
  3. Home Décor Over Athletic Wear?: Here’s a surprising twist – my recent online searches have veered from running shoes and athleisure to furniture and quirky home additions. Case in point, this delightful $6 colada pineapple vase. Who knew I’d prioritize décor over gear?![Pineapple vase image]
  4. iFit Vue Fitness Band: My latest fitness gadget obsession, the iFit Vue doesn’t just track steps and sleep but paints a holistic picture of my day, from calories burned to workout specifics. It effortlessly syncs with my phone, offering a detailed breakdown. Good news – I’m hosting a giveaway on Instagram for one lucky follower. Dive in and participate
  5. Princeton’s Fresh Trim: Oh, how my furry companion Princeton shines with his latest haircut! He’s developed this cheeky habit of turning away when I whip out my phone for a photo op. This candid shot was yesterday’s best attempt!!

Wishing you all a rejuvenating day and an energizing weekend ahead! Remember, even on rainy days, there’s always something to smile about. 🌿🏃‍♀️🌧️

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