Blogging in the “healthy living” sphere sometimes feels like walking on a tightrope, trying to present a perfect version of oneself. But authenticity matters. After all, this space is mine, and it should be a reflection of my genuine self, flaws and all. Criticism is inevitable, no matter the topic. The key is to be true to oneself and share our journey, however imperfect it may be.

Suzy’s recent post inspired me to be transparent about my own food choices. Long-time readers might think I always opt for a balanced diet, but let’s be real: like many, I have my struggles.

There was a phase, not too long ago, where my daily routine consisted of skipping breakfast, grabbing a Monster drink for my morning fix, settling for a pizza slice at lunch, and then randomly snacking once I got home. My dinner? Often, just whatever was convenient. No freshly cooked meals.

Sure, indulgent foods are tempting and delicious, but I do feel best when I eat healthfully. Still, the balance has shifted recently. One silver lining is that my weight remains relatively stable, regardless of these dietary slip-ups. At almost 5’6″ and weighing between 110-116 lbs, my appearance doesn’t change much. It’s both a blessing and a curse. Perhaps if there were visible consequences to my dietary choices, I’d be more motivated to stick to healthier habits. But with no discernible changes, why should I forego my favorite treats? This is a question I grapple with regularly.

Every so often, I ride the wave of enthusiasm, meal prepping and diving into all things healthy. Yet, sooner or later, a slice of pizza or other temptation sneaks in. Just this weekend, I prepared tofu, roasted veggies, and prepped salads for the week. Here’s hoping my efforts don’t go to waste. So far, this week looks promising.

However, I’ve realized that true change is gradual. And this time, I feel a renewed dedication. Resources like the documentary “Hungry for Change” and “No Meat Athlete” podcasts have reignited my passion. It’s not about looking healthy; it’s about genuinely feeling it. So, while I won’t deny myself the occasional indulgence (I enjoyed some ice cream cake just last night!), I aim to focus more on nourishing foods and reduce the junk – echoing my earlier dietary habits.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, bumps and all. 💚

Note: Apologies if you see an intrusive ad below. I’m looking into resolving the issue. Thanks for your understanding!

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