10 tips for running in the cold!

Good day, fellow athletes! During my run last night, nature reminded me that winter is truly upon us. I embarked on a tempo run, but the icy winds made it a formidable challenge. Despite the biting cold, I pushed through, and that rejuvenating warmth afterward made it all worthwhile. With dropping temperatures becoming a common theme in many places, I felt it fitting to compile some tried-and-tested tips for cold-weather runs.

1. Embrace Your Effort: Running in extreme cold is a victory in itself. Icy pavements can hinder speed, so remember, it’s not always about breaking records. Just heading out is commendable. Janae shared a great perspective on her blog, reminding us how cold weather impacts our runs.

2. Footwear for Frosty Grounds: Opt for winter-ready running shoes. Some runners use Yaktrax for grip or even add screws to their shoes’ soles. I’ve previously relied on Mizuno Ascends, trail shoes with good grip. This year, the Wave Kazan could be a solid replacement.

3. The Treadmill is Your Winter Ally: Admittedly, the treadmill isn’t everyone’s favorite, but when faced with icy storms, it’s the safer choice. When winter throws its worst, embrace the treadmill’s predictability.

4. Run with Friends: Winter running is always better with company. While I often train solo, having a friend along during freezing temps makes the miles more enjoyable. If you’re seeking a running buddy, especially for those longer Sunday runs, let’s connect!

5. Be Prepared, Avoid Procrastination: I often think, “I’ll run later,” but sometimes “later” never comes, especially when the bed is so warm and inviting. My solution? Prepare ahead. Lay out your running attire the night before, or wear parts of it to work. This little head-start helps to overcome that initial inertia.

6. Invest in Quality Winter Gear: Good winter running gear might set you back a bit, but it’s worth the investment. Think wind-resistant jackets, thermal tops, lined tights, hats, and gloves. Dress for a temperature that’s about 10° warmer than the actual, but always prioritize comfort.

7. Reward Your Resilience: After braving the cold, treat yourself. Perhaps it’s a steamy latte, a home-cooked soup, or just a luxuriously long, hot shower. Knowing there’s warmth at the finish line can be a real motivator.

8. Nutrition & Hydration: Cold weather can deceive you into thinking you aren’t thirsty or hungry. Always hydrate. Beware: straws can freeze, so start sipping early. And remember, wearing your hydration belt closer to your body can prevent freezing.

9. Warmth Hacks: HotHands are game changers. Tuck them inside your gloves, and you’ll be grateful. They even have foot and body warmers – perfect for the intense cold days.

10. Eyes on the Prize: When training becomes especially tough, focus on your end goal. Remind yourself of the race ahead. Every chilling run will make crossing that finish line even more satisfying.

Your experiences and tips could benefit others. So, if you’ve got winter running hacks, please do share!

Stay warm and keep running!

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