The Human Body’s Potential To Naturally Produce Its ‘Aspirin’

Key Takeaways:

  • Recent research suggests that the human body may have the capability to produce its own form of ‘aspirin’, or salicylic acid, a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory substance.
  • Past research has found salicylic acid in the bloodstream of individuals, especially vegetarians, who hadn’t consumed aspirin for a while, hinting at possible internal production.
  • A research study in the UK found that when individuals were administered benzoic acid, a substance found naturally in fruits and vegetables that the body can convert into salicylic acid, there were resulting changes in the subjects’ salicylic acid levels.
  • The researchers predict that salicylic acid may eventually be recognized as a significant bioregulator in both plants and animals.
  • The content of this article is over two years old, emphasizing the importance of looking at more recent research and articles for the most current information on this topic.

It appears that the human body potentially has the capability to create its natural form of ‘aspiration,’ according to a recent research study. Salicylic acid, the primary ingredient attributing to the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory attributes of aspirin, might be manufacturable by human production.

Presence of Salicylic Acid in Human Blood

Prior research indicated the presence of Salicylic acid (SA) in the bloodstream of individuals, and notably vegetarians, who had not consumed aspirin for some time. The finding seemed logical, given that fruits and vegetables naturally contain salicylic acid.

Research Study and Findings

In a study undertaken by researchers in the United Kingdom, study subjects were administered with benzoic acid, a distinct natural substance found in fruits and vegetables. This substance is one that the human body can use to manufacture salicylic acid. The study results suggested that individuals could indeed produce their own salicylic acid, a conclusion reached after evaluating the subsequent alterations in the subjects’ SA levels.

The research findings were published in an issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Interesting Suspicions and Predictions

The research authors, through the journal’s publisher, expressed their suspicions about the increasing likelihood that salicylic acid might be a biopharmaceutical with a significant and universal role in animals and plants alike. The authors elaborated their position, explaining:

“This simple organic chemical is, we propose, likely going to be gradually recognized as an animal bioregulator, potentially in a unique class of its own.”

More Information

For further information on the risk implications and benefits of regular consumption of aspirin, refer to the resources available at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The email address for any queries or requests for information has been omitted.


Please bear in mind that this article’s content is over two years old and may not represent the most recent knowledge or research concerning this topic. Hence, for the most recent updates on this topic, consulting the subsequent articles is highly recommended.

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