Plant Awakening: How a Cardiologist Turned Runner Saved Two Lives During a Race

Key Takeaways:

  • Dr. Steven Lome, a cardiologist, and plant-based advocate saved two individuals suffering from cardiac arrests during a marathon, underlining the importance of quick intervention and knowledge of CPR in such critical situations.
  • While the ability to deliver immediate help is crucial, Dr. Lome promotes prevention as the ultimate measure in healthcare, especially when it comes to cardiovascular diseases. Regular exercise and a plant-based diet can significantly lower the risk of heart problems.
  • Dr. Lome’s own transformation from a man neglecting his health to a committed marathon runner and advocate for plant-based diets showcases the significant beneficial impacts of such lifestyle changes on personal health.
  • Through his personal experience, Dr. Lome has reshaped the approach of his cardiology practice, as well as established an online platform and nonprofit to advocate for a healthier lifestyle as key prevention of heart disease.
  • The personal fitness levels of the two marathoners suffering cardiac arrests played a significant role in their survival and recovery, reminding of the importance of keeping active and healthy, even in face of genetic risks.

In the scenic Monterey Bay Half Marathon, it wasn’t race times or personal records that turned heads. It was the swift actions of cardiologist and plant-based advocate, Dr. Steven Lome, who saved two fellow racers from cardiac arrest.

The Unexpected Call for Help

Dr. Lome, a seasoned cardiologist and hardworking dad, was trailing his active teenagers, Jadyn and Ian, in the marathon. Three miles in, his attention was jolted away from the race as he spotted a man collapse in front of him.

Using his medical expertise, he and two other people trained in CPR took turns performing chest compressions on the fallen athlete. After an agonizing six minutes, an automated external defibrillator (AED) arrived. A single shock restored the athlete’s heartbeat, transforming the chaotic scene into one of relief and stunned silence.

Merely moments after saving a life, another harrowing scene unfolded. Just steps after crossing the finish line, another man collapsed on the ground, struck by sudden cardiac arrest. Once again, Dr. Lome sprang into action, performing CPR until an AED arrived to resuscitate the man’s heart.

Prevention is Better than Intervention

Juggling this whirlwind experience and his own insights on medical treatment, Dr. Lome shared his story on social media to emphasize the importance of learning CPR. However, he also urged his audience to consider the bigger, more all-encompassing message: “It’s great to get somebody back after a cardiac arrest. But it’s even better to prevent a cardiac arrest from happening in the first place.”

Plant-Based Revolution: Dr. Lome’s Story

Now a strong proponent of a plant-based lifestyle and marathon runner, this wasn’t always Dr. Lome’s way of life. As a younger man, he ignored his diet and neglected exercise, leading to health issues and an unhealthy physique. This transformation stems from his personal health journey and learning about the strength of plant-based diets.

Despite incorporating longer workouts into his lifestyle and running two marathons, he still faced health problems. After further research, he discovered the significant impact a plant-based diet could have on his health. Committing to this change led to noticeable improvements in his cholesterol levels and weight.

Changing the Course of Cardiology

Driven by his personal experience, Dr. Lome reshaped the approach of his practice. He stays true to medical guidelines, but strongly emphasizes the pivotal role of diet and exercise in preventing cardiovascular disease.

His dedication to lifestyle changes has extended beyond the hospital. He crafted a supportive website advocating for healthier eating and physical activity and founded a nonprofit tagged “Eat plants. Save the world”. The overarching message: heart disease can be combated through proven measures of prevention.

Nature’s Own Miracle: The Power of Fitness in Survival

The two marathon participants cardiac arrests were caused by heart attacks. Ironically, both men had a history of heart disease in their families, leading to an increased risk. However, despite this genetic disadvantage, their fitness levels significantly aided their recovery.

As these incidents have reiterated, it’s critical to focus on the preventative value of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, combining a plant-based diet and regular exercise, in addition to understanding potential genetic risks.

Seeing the considerable positive influence of his actions, Dr. Lome broadened the reach of his story, extending its impact on cardiovascular awareness. In the months following the incident, the two survivors Lome saved joined him in adopting plant-based diets, embodying his advocacy for preventing the onset of heart diseases.


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