Investigation Into Salmonella Contaminated Pistachios

Key Takeaways:

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating a potential salmonella contamination affecting around a million pounds of pistachios, which have been distributed across 31 states. This precautionary action is separate from recent alerts related to peanuts.
  • Setton Farms, the brand involved, has issued a recall for several of their pistachio products. The contamination was detected during routine testing conducted by another company, which then reported its findings to the FDA.
  • After Kraft Foods triggered a recall for their ‘Back to Nature Nantucket Blend’ trail mix, which contains pistachios from Setton Farms, there is an expectation of increased product recalls. Official warnings suggest that these contaminated pistachios have likely been distributed in consumer-level containers.
  • The FDA advises consumers to avoid all pistachio-derived products until further notice, although these should be retained until specifics about the affected products are released.
  • Similar instances have occurred previously, including a salmonella outbreak resulting from contaminated peanuts that potentially made 700 people ill and contributed to nine deaths. Despite these incidents, these cases appear to be isolated rather than part of a wider epidemic.

On a Monday, officials from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced an ongoing investigation into a salmonella contamination, which could potentially concern roughly a million pounds of pistachios. This batch of tainted pistachios was distributed across at least 31 states.

Authorities were keen to emphasize that this contamination case should not be confused with a recent salmonella alert connected to peanuts. They clarified that this situation was not part of an epidemic, but rather a precautionary measure to eliminate contaminated goods. It was proactive action initiated by the company and not linked to any recent outbreak, officials confirmed.

Company Recall and Regulatory Involvement

The brand indicated in the case, Setton Farms, issued a recall for a selection of their pistachio products, following these revelations. External investigations are focused primarily on pistachios processed at a facility in Terra Bella, California.

The origin of these findings is traceable to the testing measures from another unnamed company. They discovered different salmonella strains during routine analysis which led to them reporting it to the FDA.

In addition to the FDA, the California Department of Public Health is working on the case as well.

Product Recalls and Consumer Impact

On 24th of March, Kraft Foods proactively alerted the FDA about their ‘Back to Nature Nantucket Blend’ trail mix, triggering a recall. Setton Farms, a primary supplier of pistachios to 36 wholesalers, repacked or re-marketed them.

This led to the projection of an amplification of product recalls. The reason being the likely distribution of these pistachios into consumer-level containers, officials warned.

Moreover, grocery company Kroger Co., which procured pistachios from Setton Farms, had previously executed a recall. These nuts were sold in 31 states. There have been instances of consumers voicing their concerns about these products, divulging that some developed gastrointestinal symptoms, and subsequently reached out to the FDA.

In light of these developments, the agency is advising caution and recommends against consumption of any pistachio-derived products. However, these items should be retained until clarity is provided about which specific products are impacted.

Previous Cases

This is not the initial instance this year where nuts were detected to be tainted with salmonella. Previously, a criminal investigation was initiated into a salmonella outbreak linked to contaminated peanut products, incriminated in the illness of approximately 700 people and possibly contributing to nine fatalities. The investigation was focused on potential criminal misconduct at a Georgia processing facility owned by the Peanut Corp of America (PCA), which intentionally shipped peanut butter and peanut paste products testing positive for salmonella.

Only last month, FDA officials issued a warning against consumption of any peanuts or peanut-based products sold by Westco Fruit and Nuts Inc., due to potential salmonella contamination. The peanuts used in Westco products were likely sourced from PCA, authorities suggested.

Useful Resources

For further information about salmonella, please visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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