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Why You Should Eat Healthy Egg

Why You Should Eat Healthy Egg


Eggs are one of the most delicious foods available and unfortunately for many people, they are also one of the most difficult to digest. Eggs are filled with proteins which make them very nutritious but the proteins in the egg need to be broken down into small fragments before the body can absorb them and therefore some people find it difficult to digest the proteins in eggs. The proteins found in eggs are of course very healthy such as lysine, casein, and whey proteins, however when it comes to breaking down the proteins to fragments so that they can then be absorbed by the digestive system is not as efficient as it could be. This is why so many people have problems digesting eggs.

Studies have proven that eating eggs in the morning consistently improves feelings of fullness and reduces calorie consumption at the following meal. However many people report suffering from a variety of stomach complaints including heartburn, indigestion, and headaches after eating eggs. These problems are caused by the way that the proteins in eggs are broken down into their various components. Incredibly though eating eggs in the morning consistently is one of the best ways to boost your metabolism and keep it working efficiently to burn calories and keep weight off.

Eggs are rich in protein, which makes them excellent sources of energy. However this is not the only reason why eggs are so healthy and effective. The fact is that healthy proteins such as those found in egg yolks are packed with essential nutrients that are crucial to our health. These nutrients include the likes of omega-3 fat, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and vitamin E. The best way to consume these nutrients from eggs is to eat them raw, without adding any extra supplements. Raw egg yolk is rich in healthy vitamins such as vitamin A, D, vitamin B12, and vitamin E.

Another extremely healthy aspect of eating eggs is that they are loaded with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin B12, and vitamin E. Vitamin E is particularly important as it is an antioxidant that helps to reduce the risk of serious diseases such as cancer. Eggs contain the richest source of this vitamin, while they are also full of other nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. Calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth while iron helps to prevent anemia due to lack of oxygen in the body and phosphorus helps to maintain the balance in blood sugar levels. In fact the mineral magnesium is essential for transmitting nerve impulses and keeping muscles and nerve cells healthy and functioning properly.

Although most people believe that eggs are filled with cholesterol, the truth is that they are actually good for you provided you eat them the right way. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is strongly recommended as these foods contain the recommended daily intake of dietary fiber. Fiber, unlike cholesterol, is not digested by the liver. This means that it can pass straight through your body without being put to waste and provides valuable nutrients to help your body heal itself.

Of course eating eggs is not the only way to get the required nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Vitamins and minerals can be easily obtained from cutting raw vegetables and fruits but no matter how healthy your eggs are, they are still likely to leave you lacking in other essential nutrients that you need to feel healthy and strong. Fortunately there is one useful way to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need from every meal - health supplements. Health supplements have been specifically designed to provide the best combination of vitamins and minerals you need and are very easy to buy online.