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Treating Your Sugar Addiction


With Halloween coming up this year, it might be tempting to satisfy those sweet cravings, but new research suggests that consuming too much sugar can actually be even more harmful than believe. Excess sugar intake can result in poor overall health, sugar addiction, memory problems, and overall poor health. It is no wonder then that candy is considered a dieter's worst nightmare; eating the wrong foods can cause you to gain weight, put on pounds, and cause you to feel terrible for months on end. If you are an avid candy eater and want to know what you can do about your sugar addiction, then read on to learn more.

sugar addiction

Sugar addiction is often connected to alcoholism and other addictions. One of the first things that you need to realize is that alcoholics, especially, have an addiction to sugar. This is why it is important that you treat alcoholics with treatment, and not with just willpower. You will want to get help for your sugar addiction before you start drinking again, or it could severely sabotage your recovery.

In addition to alcoholism and sugar, the brain's reward system has a very strong connection to sugar as well. When you eat foods that contain high amounts of dopamine, you will experience a sense of pleasure, known as a "high." This is closely similar to the feeling that you get when you consume alcoholic beverages. However, the rewards from this reward pathway are typically not long term and eventually you will crave sweets in order to feel that high. Over time, your body will require less of the substance, resulting in an addiction that causes you to crave the artificial sweetener.

Another reason that you should begin to treat your sugar addiction now is that your overall health will suffer if you wait until you get older to deal with this issue. As you age, your body is no longer able to produce as much dopamine and endorphins due to lack of nutrition. This makes you more susceptible to diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. As your blood sugar drops, you will also notice that your skin, muscles, and organs get tired and weak.

If you begin treating your sugar addiction related to alcoholism now, you will avoid many of the serious complications that come with long-term alcoholism, as well as diseases like diabetes and hypertension. These issues can range from minor inconveniences like chapped skin to major inconveniences like heart disease, which will ultimately kill you. Long term alcoholism can also cause bone loss, weak teeth, digestive problems, and organ dysfunction. This means that you will be at a greater risk of developing serious medical conditions related to the body if you do not begin treating your alcoholism today.

Finally, it is important for you to keep in mind that there are many different ways for you to deal with your sugar addiction. In fact, you can use products that help you lose weight or fight off hunger during the day so that you never feel hungry again. You can also make healthy dinners and snacks for yourself so that you never feel hungry again. In the long run, your overall health will improve greatly as long as you do not have excessive sugar in your body.