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Treating Muscle Pain

Treating Muscle Pain

muscle pain

Muscle pain arises from any of your body's various muscles. The medical name for muscle pain is iliopsoas muscle pain. Muscle pain can also arise because of overexertion or injury, infections of the surrounding tissues, or autoimmune conditions like Lupus.

One of the common ways to treat muscle pain, whether it is as a result of overexertion or infection, is by taking heat. Heat can help you relax and calm your nerves, and this can in turn relieve the pain that is caused by strained muscles. For fever and other infectious diseases, taking heat regularly can greatly reduce the inflammation and help ease the pain. This is what makes using heat lotions and baths so popular for treating muscle and joint pain.

One of the most common causes of muscle pain is kidney failure. Kidney failure often causes kidney stones, which then cause intense pain. To avoid this problem, it is very important that if you are experiencing an acute attack of pain that your kidneys are healthy and fit. The best way to make sure that you keep your kidneys working properly is by drinking plenty of water and avoiding strenuous activities that can damage them.