Welcome to The Athletarian – where athletics meet plant-based nutrition. I’m Christina, and I’m thrilled to have you here, delving into my journey of fitness, delicious plant-based recipes, race recaps, and glimpses of my daily life.

Growing up, athleticism wasn’t my thing. In fact, sports? Not a fan. Dodgeball in gym class? I was the master of excuses to avoid breaking a sweat. However, university life brought a twist – an unexpected romance with the indoor track. Running became an exhilarating escape rather than a tedious task. Those rhythmic footfalls, the sound of my heart echoing my pace; it felt invigorating. From indoor tracks, I dared to step outdoors, conquering miles, and learning the power of mindset along the way.

2005 marked the year of my first 10K, and since then, my feet have touched the starting lines of various race distances. Each one offers a distinct challenge – be it the swift sprint of a 5K or the enduring rhythm of a marathon. Running has taught me the vast capabilities of my body.

My journey also led to a transformation in my plate. Childhood saw me favoring bread, pasta, and other “white foods”. Fruits? Yes. Veggies? Only if they resembled potatoes. But as time progressed, so did my understanding of nutrition. Those colorful vegetables my mom served weren’t foes but allies. The more I integrated wholesome foods into my diet, the more I craved them.

With the intensification of my running, proper nutrition became paramount. The goal was clear: run faster, more efficiently, evade cramps, expedite recovery, and simply feel vibrant during my runs. The verdict? A plant-based diet emerged as my gold standard. From fruits to veggies, whole grains to healthy fats – this regimen fuels my active lifestyle seamlessly.

Yet, the allure of pizza, nachos, chocolate, and popcorn post-run is real, and I wholeheartedly indulge. Because isn’t life all about that beautiful balance?

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I hope you’ll continue to run alongside me! 🌱👟

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