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Middle Distance Running for Beginners

You may have heard of middle distance running, but you have no idea of how it works. They are tracked races of up to 3000 meters, but mostly it is generally accepted that the actual middle distance run is from 800 meters to 1500 meters. It is also referred to

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All You Need to Know About Relay Racing

A relay run is a staple of the vast majority of sporting events - from the school sports days to the incredible standard of the Olympic Games. Relay races are held in a number of sports competitions including a relay run, swimming, and skiing, and always generate a high level

The Athletarian

An Overview of Running Hurdles / Races

Running hurdles is a type of race that requires an athlete to run at high speed and jump over the hurdles to clear them in the shortest time possible. Running hurdles comprises various hurdle field and track events, making it a high standard form of obstacle racing. In a hurdle

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Long distance running

Long distance running, also known as endurance running is a mode of continuous running over distances of at least 3 kilometers. Long distance running is a highly aerobic activity which requires a lot of stamina and mental strength. Long distance running is one of the main events at the Olympics.

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Steeplechase: Everything You Need To Know About Steeplechase

If you are a fan of athletics or among the veterans in the Olympics industry, you must have heard of the steeplechase race. Hurdles and water jumps characterise the course of this race and runners have to jump over them as they make their way around the steeplechase track. Steeplechase

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Sprinting is an athletic activity that involves running over a short distance in the shortest amount of time possible. It can also be defined as a fast way of reaching a target or a goal. Sprinting is an excellent way of burning fat at a fast rate. It also helps