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Electronic & its Health impact

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Solarium Tanning Beds - A Boon In Disguise!

Solarium is a very popular product for tanning, also known as "solar" tanning. This type of tanning has been approved by the FDA. This is a great way to get a tan without the dangers of indoor tanning beds. However, there are some risks to this tanning product. The solarium


Taking The Proven Precautions Against Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phone radiation is harmful to health, particularly for people who work in highly sensitive professions, including construction and in rural areas, where telecommunications are used extensively. Long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones can cause brain tumor. Other common types include electromagnetic radiations from medical devices such as

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How To Improve Your Mental Flexibility - Playing Video Games

Video games have become an American pastime for many generations. In recent years, more children in the U.S. are becoming addicted to video games. This addiction has serious health implications for these children as well as many adults. The benefits of playing video games are numerous and reach far

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Can You Buy Garlic Online in the USA?

Garlic has been known to have many health benefits and has long been thought to help lower blood pressure naturally. In fact, garlic has been prescribed by doctors for high blood pressure. It is not a drug that you take by mouth and must be taken via an injection or

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The operational Effect of Anger and Aggression

Aggressiveness, also known as the "rage factor", is a complex psychological construct that encompasses various aspects of human aggression. It is defined as an emotion driven by an individual's intrinsic (i.e., genetic) genetic tendency to initiate or engage in violence. According to the General Aggression Model(GAM), the present

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Screen Protectors For Your Computer Desks

When you're choosing a computer monitor, one of the things you have to decide on is screen protection. You don't want something that's going to be too transparent and might get in your eyes; on the other hand, you don't want something that will fog up or leave stains on

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Computers - What Are They?

A computer is simply a device that is programmed to execute mathematical or logical operations automatically through computer programming. Modern computers are able to execute a wide array of operations, known as software programs. These software programs allow computers to perform a wide array of complex tasks. One example of

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Video Games and Eyesight

Many parents wonder whether spending too much time playing video games will harm their child's eyesight. Playing video games for long periods of time can often cause young children to experience all of the same issues that are seen in computer vision syndrome, namely headaches, blurred vision, decreased attention spans,