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Secrets of Daily Stretching for Maintaining a Healthy Body

Secrets of Daily Stretching for Maintaining a Healthy Body


Within a matter of just 24 hours, everyday life is loaded with exercise, work, eating, good meal preparation, keeping up with friends and family, and so much more. The key to stretching it better: multitasking. Trained coaches and fitness instructors talked to fitness trainers and personal trainers on the best ways to incorporate daily stretching into daily activities (like getting dressed or drying off in the shower) without putting unnecessary pressure on any single part of the body. They suggested incorporating stretches into many different activities, such as walking, bicycling, walking long distances (on a leash or on a bike), taking stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, sitting or staying up all night (especially if you have insomnia), swimming, Pilates, yoga, and even walking barefoot or in sand (natural stones are best).

What was surprising was that the most important part of the body for daily stretching was the lower abdominal muscles. The body needs these muscles to stabilize the spine, but they are typically ignored and rarely used for mobility after a certain age. Yet by strengthening the abs with exercises like crunches, lunges and squats, we can achieve a level of flexibility not achievable with flexibility exercises alone.

The final secret was simply to breathe deeply. Just as the abdominals are the stabilizing core muscles for balancing the body, so is holding your breath. Breathing deeply, slowly, from the diaphragm will increase your stability and will also increase your lung capacity, which will reduce the risk of serious medical conditions like asthma. This is because the diaphragm and lungs are working together to keep you alive. Breathing deeply, can also help keep you energized throughout the day by keeping your metabolism at a healthy rate and helping you release toxins through sweating.