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Jogging for Weight Loss and more

Jogging for Weight Loss and more


Jogging is an excellent exercise for the mind and body. While jogging benefits the heart, it can also help with mental well being. A lot of research has been done on the positive mental effects of jogging. Many people say that the nice weather and the motivation to hit the road for a run are really what pushed them over the edge. Here are some benefits that you can enjoy from jogging:

- Jogging is a cardio workout. While running burns fat, jogging strengthens muscles and tones the skin, which is good for the soul. 45 minutes of jogging daily will most likely burn more calories than doing yoga, and when physical fitness is your #1 priority, jogging is definitely the way to go. While there are many programs that you could use to start jogging, I would highly recommend using a program that focuses on jogging techniques. Proper yoga instructions and videos are available to teach you the correct way to jogging. I would say that the best program is one that combines both yoga and jogging techniques.

- Jogging can be used for weight loss. Most people assume that running must be an intense cardiovascular exercise. But jogging can be done slowly and naturally at a moderate intensity. This gentle form of running will burn lots of calories without any impact to your joints or body fat.

- With jogging, you get a full body workout. There are so many benefits to this type of exercise. It increases muscle mass, tones the abdominals, lowers blood pressure, and even increases stamina. With all of these benefits, many people say they do not even know they are doing cardio anymore!

- Jogging can improve your mind-body condition. You will find that your focus improves when you run. The endorphin levels in your brain actually rise. This is a natural high that you will notice after running. Because of this elevated state of mood, your body muscles will relax, allowing your joints and bones to absorb shock better, resulting in less pain and injury.

So, if you are ready to change up your old routine of sitting at your computer or strolling lazily on the couch, then consider adding yoga and jogging to your daily exercise routine. These two forms of exercise can help you lose weight and gain a more healthy body. I would highly recommend trying both yoga and jogging for a few weeks to see which one works best for you. Good luck with your weight loss goals!