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Anti-Inflammation Benefits of Fish Oil For Bodybuilding

Anti-Inflammation Benefits of Fish Oil For Bodybuilding


Anti-inflammatory benefits for fish oil come from its ability to decrease inflammation throughout your entire body. Fish oil supplements are often recommended by health care professionals as a supplement that can help reduce pain and assist with recovering from injury. The benefits of fish oil for bodybuilding are not new. For years, bodybuilders have been consuming fish oil supplements to help increase muscle strength and endurance.

Recent scientific studies have confirmed the anti-inflammatory benefits of omega-3 fats in fish oil supplements. Fish oil contains high levels of inflammatory omega-3 fats that fight inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation is a response to injury or illness, and it is typically associated with pain, swelling, redness, and stiffness. It is the same inflammatory response that causes pain and keeps bodybuilders from fully recovering from injury. Researchers believe that taking anti-inflammatory omega-3 oils will allow bodybuilders to "self-medicate" against this pain and inflammation.

If you think about it, there is good reason to believe that taking anti-inflammatory fish oil may be just what you need to add more resistance training to your workouts. Resistance training increases muscle size and strength, which forces your body to become more efficient at creating energy, so that more calories are burned. More calories burned means more fat can be burned. Whether your goal is to build lean muscles or lose fat, increasing muscle mass and resistance training may be just what you need.